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Skeleton Preparation facility

RESTRICTIONS Needs to be operated by a trained technician
TRAINING Although training is required to use this item, we cannot arrange it for you.
CONTACT 1 Polydora Baker
CONTACT 2 Fay Worley
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The skeleton preparation facilities include all equipment necessary for defleshing and degreasing animal skeletons from horse size to small birds, to a required standard. The facilities include three large freezers and a fridge. Two induction heaters (hobs) and suitable pots are used for simmering and boiling, and a temperature probe can be used to maintain water at a constant temperature. A modified incubator is available where required for enzyme treatment. We can also provide courses in skeleton preparation, including carcass identification and recording, skinning, defleshing,treatment with enzymes. Contact Polydora Baker for course details.

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Last Updated: 1st May, 2020

Skeleton Preparation facility

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