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Multi-Spectral Imaging

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Multispectral imaging (MSI) with a Microbox X150 multispectral system, including a full-frame “X1 spectral” high-resolution 150-megapixel CMOS colour sensor , 72 mm lens, two broadband LED illumination units at each side of the object (UV, VIS, IR) and software filter for multispectral analysis (instead of mechanical lens filters). The pixel values of the sensor are evaluated on an analogue basis as native voltage values. Only the values of the desired spectral range are analysed and combined into one image. The MSI techniques used were: visible reflected, infrared reflected (1050-1100 nm), ultraviolet reflected (350 nm), IR false colour, UV false colour and UV luminescence.


MSI techniques: A true colour calibrated image is acquired as a reference Reflected images are programmed in a 100 nm step size: 350nm: ultraviolet. 450-550nm Visible blue-green. 550-650nm Visible yellow-orange. 650-750nm Visible red-NIR. 750-850nm NIR. 850-950nm IR. 950-1050nm IR. 1050-1150nm IR.

True colour, False colour, and “Phase shift” images are created.

Camera/sensor: full-frame X1 spectral 150-megapixel CMOS colour sensor (Microbox GmbH). The sensor has a spectral sensitivity in the range 365 nm – 1250 nm. The built-in true colour management of the X150 camera meets the highest standards of Metamorfoze-Strict, FADGI 4-Star, and ISO / TS 19264-1: 2017 standards in terms of colour quality, resolution, noise, and linearity. To guarantee consistent, measurable quality, we use ISO standard test charts to match resolution, grayscale and colour.

Other details: 72 mm by Scheider-Freuznach lens, 40x30 cm field of view, focussing distance of 90cm.

Illumination units: two illumination sets, one at each side of the object, with 5 broadband LED illumination lines each (UV, VIS, IR)

Two IR lamps: 850 nm & 940 nm. Broadband LED light strip in visible range. Two Broadband LED UV light strips emission centered at 365 nm (Antari DFX-L510) and 380 nm (tbc) (BeamZ lighting). LED light box (Planistar professional) for transmitted light on loose leaves. Backlight sheet pad (Slim light HG-A4 by Anton Glaser) for transmitted light on bound volumes.

Software: MiniScanK71 for lens sharpening (focusing). PROView for acquisition. Process button for starting scan sequences (e.g. 6 scans for 6 spectral ranges in 24 sec. Processes are programmable and can be stored as standards for later use. K70MS-ImageProcessing. MSP Filter Imager: Software filter for multispectral analysis (instead of mechanical lens filters).

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Last Updated: 13th October, 2020

Multi-Spectral Imaging

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