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miniClima Constant Humidity Device

MANUFACTURER miniClima GmbH (manufacturer's website)
CONTACT 1 Lora Angelova
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EBC8 and EBC10 Use condensation/evaporation to control relative air humidity in museum showcases. Water supply and waste water removal is needed for these models.

The MiniClima Tool enables: • Live display of the current values for the relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) inside the showcase. • Graphically displaying the live and historic data for RH and T inside the showcases. • Graphically displaying the values for the chosen setpoints and alarm thresholds. • Printing the RH/T graphs. • Storing the RH/T datasets as csv files. • Editing setpoints, hysteresis, alarm thresholds and storage intervals. • Displaying the alarm statuses of any device. • Logging of all alarms that might occur as well as of all changes of settings that are going to be taken.


Standard configuration for EBC10 (up to 3m2 show case volume): • Master Sets: RH/T sensor, ready-to-use with housing, cable (2.5 or 5m), ferrite core and RJ45 plug • Slave Sets: control line (2 or 5m) with ferrite cores and RJ45 plugs - for linking the EBC to a master set7 • Mains cable • Appropriate PA6-hosepipe („UFX“) for the interconnections between EBC and case (EBCeasy: 3m / EBC10: 3m / EBC11: 5m / EBC12: 6m) • 2 hosepipe connectors with rubber gaskets for affixing the UFX on the case • 0.5l bottle • Water level alarm for the high mark of the bottle (EBC10, EBC11, EBC12) • Built-in datalogger • miniClima Tool (Software) on CD (1 per order) • Detailed installation and operation guide on CD (1 per order)

Dimensions (excluding water bottle and 3m hosepipe): W = 378.5 x H = 133.5 x D = 233.0mm

Item ID #103.

Last Updated: 7th October, 2020

miniClima Constant Humidity Device

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