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XRF micro-spectrometer

MODEL Artax 400
RESTRICTIONS Specific H&S regulations apply, and prior H&S training on working with equipment generating ionising radiation is required
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CONTACT 1 Steven Flack
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The Bruker ARTAX is a micro-XRF spectrometer, for non-invasive analysis of a wide range of organic and inorganic materials, without significant limitations in object size. It allows simultaneous multi-element analysis from Na(11) to U(92) with spatial resolution between 3 mm and 300 ┬Ám. The analysis is non-invasive and does not require contact with the sample or object. The system includes a software-controlled helium flow for improved detection of light elements, and software-controlled laser spot positioning.

Item ID #108.

Last Updated: 21st June, 2023

XRF micro-spectrometer

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