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Portable UV-vis-NIR spectroradiometer

MANUFACTURER ASD (now Malvern Panalytical) (manufacturer's website)
MODEL FieldSpec4
PORTABILITY Fully portable
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CONTACT 1 Steven Flack
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The FieldSpec4 spectroradiometer measures reflectance spectra in an extended UV-vis-NIR range (350-2500 nm). Equipped with an optical fibre, it is fully portable and works wirelessly with a laptop computer for data acquisition and processing. Spectra can be acquired in a few seconds, in a fully non-invasive and contactless way, on any non-reflective surface and with no limitations on object size.

Item ID #107.

Last Updated: 24th April, 2023

Portable UV-vis-NIR spectroradiometer

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