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Multi-spectral Imaging

MANUFACTURER MegaVision (manufacturer's website)
MODEL E7 50-megapixel back
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CONTACT 1 Christina Duffy
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The system integrates two previously disparate imaging capabilities: high-resolution photography and multi-spectral imaging. Images are captured over 12 spectral bands from the near ultraviolet (365 nm) to the near infra-red (1050 nm). Captured images are used for preservation and scholarly studies of British Library collections on materials such as parchment, paper, papyrus, inks and other constituents of cultural items.

The MegaVision system uses narrow-band LED illumination, which subjects the collection items to only the required light energy to expose the sensitive unfiltered monochrome sensor. The LED panels are configured with visible, UV and IR bands. This selective illumination process significantly reduces the light energy falling on collection items.


The EV camera includes MegaVision’s Monochrome E7 50-megapixel back, computer controlled shutter and aperture, and custom hyperspectral parfocal lens, which is responsive over the entire range of silicon sensitivity. MegaVision's Photoshoot digital image capture software controls all aspects of capture as well as controlling a colour wheel which allows additional light modifications such as filtration to isolate fluorescence in concert with UV illumination.

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Last Updated: 30th March, 2016

Multi-spectral Imaging

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