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A microfading tester (MFT) is a multipurpose retro-reflective spectrometric system. It is both an analytical instrument and a field portable research tool. This MFT is set-up for visible light applications including, but not limited to, spectroscopy, radiometry, colorimetry and light fastness testing. With small changes to the instrument, other applications are possible.


Optics: 600 μm fibre optic patch cable, 10:90 beam splitting cube; 50mm biconvex lens and an interchangeable fore lens: 30 mm , a 50 mm or a 75 mm biconvex lens giving a conjugate ratio of 1:0.6, 1:1 and 1:1.5 respectively and a spot size range of 0.360-0.925mm.

Mechanics: Three positioning systems are available: a tripod for in situ measurements of vertical and non-flat objects, a copy stand based system for examining small format flat objects and a gantry system for examining large format flat objects.

Light sources: Mightex 4 channel light sources produces intense visible light radiation including near UV light with a peak emission at 385 nm.

Item ID #100.

Last Updated: 9th October, 2020


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