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High Resolution Digital Microscope

MANUFACTURER Keyence (manufacturer's website)
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CONTACT 1 Christina Duffy
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The microscope is equipped with a motorised XY stage measuring 171 mm x 168 mm and is controlled by a joystick. The free-angle observation system allows the lens unit to be inclined or rotated. This oblique-axis motion allowed image capture of the edges and extrusive fragments of the banknotes. The digital microscope is comprised of a VHX-1100 camera unit attached to a VHX-Z20W ultra-small compact high-performance zoom lens. Images can be captured at magnifications ranging from 20x - 200x.


Vertical illumination is provided from the lens which can be used in conjunction with LED transmitted illumination. The lamp operates on 12V with a power output of 100W at a colour temperature of 3100 K at maximum light intensity.

Item ID #74.

Last Updated: 30th March, 2016

High Resolution Digital Microscope

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