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Handheld XRF Spectrometer

MANUFACTURER Bruker (manufacturer's website)
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CONTACT 1 Paul Garside
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The Tracer helps identify and compare elements in objects and materials in the context of their environment. Its versatile configuration and powerful analytical software provide dynamic insight into the specimen under observation.

Conservationists authenticate objects of cultural, historical and financial value to ensure appropriate conservation and restoration treatments.

Elemental analysis of pigments helps authenticate paintings and determine an appropriate course of action for treatment. Many pigments have well known dates for introduction; the presence or absence of these can be used to identify when artwork was produced. It can also identify if such artwork is a modern replica or if it has undergone past restoration. For example, when mercury and sulfur are predominant in a red pigment, it indicates vermilion which is synthesized HgS. However, if it is cadmium red which produces a similar range of hues, the primary elements observed will be cadmium, sulfur, and selenium.

One of the greatest challenges in art conservation is correctly identifying materials, whether for the purpose of studying and understanding an object, for the purpose of conserving an object for future generations, or for the purpose of restoring an object that has been damaged or degraded over time. Elemental analysis helps to ascertain fabrication technology and distinguish between original and non-original materials, which in turn helps to determine the course of treatment.


Weight: 2 kg (4.49 lbs) with batteries; 1.77 kg (3.9 lbs) base weight. Size: 30 cm(L) x 10 cm(w) x 28 cm(H). Detector: 10 mm2 XFlash® SDD; peltier cooled; typical resolution 145 eV at 100,000 cps. X-ray tube: Rh target; max voltage 40 kV. Filter changer: Manual filter for optimum flexibility; 4 filter kit supplied. Vacuum pump attachment: Yes. Allows for enhanced light element sensitivity. Gas flow chamber: Yes. Allows for the measurement of gases down to Ne. Software-driven voltage and current control: Included. Instrument stand: Included, for desktop applications.

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Last Updated: 20th April, 2016

Handheld XRF Spectrometer

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