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Faro Focus 3D terrestrial laser scanner

MANUFACTURER Faro (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Focus 3D S 120
RESTRICTIONS This scanner uses a Class 3R laser so precautions must be taken to minimise potential damage to the eyesight of both users and passers-by..
TRAINING Training is required to use this item.
CALIBRATED Yes, this item is calibrated.
Last Calibration: 25th April, 2013
CONTACT 1 Paul Bryan
CONTACT 2 David Andrews
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The Faro Focus 3D is a terrestrial laser scanner capable of generating point-cloud data to millimetre resolution over a maximum range of 120m. Although it can record single, standalone scans it is typically used to capture multiple overlapping scans with a minimum of 4 targets appearing in each overlap. The derived point cloud is typically post-processed to derive either 3D mesh models or digitised linework. It includes an in-built colour camera aliogned coaxially with the scanner, which enables colourisation of the point data and output of colour textured ortho-rectified montages.


It requires Scene software to view, register (stitch) and output 3D data products such as ortho-montages

Item ID #20.

Last Updated: 24th July, 2018

Faro Focus 3D terrestrial laser scanner

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