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Raman Spectrometer

MANUFACTURER Horiba (manufacturer's website)
CALIBRATED Yes, this item is calibrated.
Last Calibration: 15th April, 2021
CONTACT 1 Lora Angelova
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Open geometry micro-Raman spectrometer, which includes full optical microscope mounted on a gantry, two lasers, a CCD detector and a turret with four diffraction gratings. The system provides flexible analysis of large objects (without invasive sampling) combined with high-stability, high-resolution point analysis and mapping of small features.


  • Open Space Olympus BX optical microscope attached to gantry
  • Syncerity TE cooled Front illuminated CCD detector
  • Four diffraction gratings (600, 1200, 1800, 2400) mounted on a motorised turret
  • Variable spectral resolution down to 1.5 cm-1 (FWHM) with 0.5 cm-1 pixel-1 dispersion
  • Spectral range 50 to 9700 cm-1
  • 532 nm and 785 nm lasers, with power control below 0.1 mW at the sample
  • 5x, 20x and 100x objectives. 100x has 0.9 NA providing very high collection efficiency and spatial resolution
  • Motorised XY sample stage, to provide precise alignment and SWIFT™ high speed
  • Micrometric motorised Z (focus)
  • NavSharp™ Module: Delivers sharp and rapid navigation around a sample image keeping the field of view constantly focussed on the sample surface
  • ViewSharp™ Module: Constructs an image in which all surfaces are in focus simultaneously and creates a 3D topography image
  • Raman chemical mapping
  • MVAPlus – Multivariate Analysis module
  • 5 Mega pixel camera
  • LabSpec6 software

Item ID #109.

Last Updated: 25th November, 2021

Raman Spectrometer

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