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FTIR Spectrometer (handheld)

MANUFACTURER Agilent Technologies (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR
CONTACT 1 Lora Angelova
CONTACT 2 Lucia Pereira-Pardo
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The Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR spectrometer incorporates lightweight ergonomics, ease of use, and flexibility in one system. Weighing only 2 kg, it is ideal for mobile non-destructive testing in non-laboratory environments.

The 4300 system allows novice and experienced users alike to quickly analyze on the go, due to its high-performance optics, hardware design, and easy-to-use MicroLab Mobile software. Users can easily transition from one sample to another, with no alignment or adjustments necessary, simply by changing the sampling interface.

Item ID #7.

Last Updated: 13th October, 2020

FTIR Spectrometer (handheld)

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